A Vancouver Success Story With A Strong Foundation Across North America

Strand is a Vancouver-based finance, development and investment company active across North America. Strand has established a track record of success over its more than 47 years in markets across the continent.

Founded in 1976, Strand’s story is one underpinned by consistent achievement in development and real estate investment. To date, Strand has delivered a portfolio valued at more than $10.2 billion, representing over 43,000 homes of every type. Over the course of four decades, and hundreds of communities, Strand has developed an intuitive understanding of long term market dynamics and local trends, thereby allowing the company to outperform competition.

From the earliest beginnings of Strand’s history, our people have collaborated with some of the best development minds in the business. As a result, Strand wields deep relationships in virtually every real estate discipline and has an unparalleled reputation for the successful delivery of projects that consistently exceed expectation while honoring the commitments it makes to all stakeholders.

Deeply invested locally, Strand is developing more than $1 billion in rental and market projects in Metro Vancouver alone. Here, as in all markets, Strand brings a global sensibility to everything the company does, with a commitment to current and timeless design and the best in city-building; all to build projects with fastidiously designed details that ensure the functionality of every home while preserving an understated elegance – ultimately creating more inspiring life experiences.

Deeply Invested, Across the Continent

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